A photovoice study exploring what culturally safe pregnancy care is to Karen women of refugee background in Victoria, Australia 

A photovoice study founded on community-based participatory research principles was undertaken with a Karen community of refugee background living in Victoria, Australia. A community advisory group was established, guiding study design and conduct. Five S’gaw Karen-speaking women with experience of pregnancy care in Australia were invited to take photos within their community. Participants shared their photos and stories with each other in four online discussion groups.

Growing a Health Baby Project

New in-language culturally adapted ‘Safer Baby Bundle’ resources: addressing high stillbirth rates through co-design.

Cultural safety and belonging for refugee background women attending group pregnancy care: An Australian qualitative study

Refugee women experience higher incidence of childbirth complications and poor pregnancy outcomes. Resettled refugee women often face multiple barriers accessing pregnancy care and navigating health systems in high income countries. A community-based model of group pregnancy care for Karen women from Burma was co-designed by health services in consultation with Karen families in Melbourne, Australia.

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