Emergency Preparedness Program: Fire, Flood and Heat Health 2022-2023

Bendigo Community Health Service delivered this project to provide access to detailed visual and culturally appropriate, user-friendly easily understood resources related to emergency preparedness; fire, flood, heat, and information sessions and resources to support residents of refugee background.

Bendigo Community Health Services – Emergency Preparedness Hub

The hub builds the capacity for former refugees and emergency providers to better prepare for and manage severe weather events.
Through a collaborative approach with SES, CFA, City of Greater Bendigo emergency staff and BCHS staff of refugee lived experience, the hub features co-designed fact sheets and videos in the Karen, Dari and Dinka languages.

Priority Primary Care Centres (PPCC)

Priority Primary Care Centres (PPCCs) provide GP-led care to people who need urgent care, but not an emergency response. Each PPCC is partnered with a busy emergency department. Care is available to anyone with or without a Medicare card, at no cost to the patient. (Costs may be required for imaging, pathology and other services.)

Rural and Regional (VES)

The Victorian Eyecare Service (VES) allows eligible Victorians to receive subsidised glasses, contact lenses and visual aids. VES is also available at participating optometry practices in regional Victoria.

Swan Hill District Health

The Refugee Health Program works to meet the healthcare needs of refugees and asylum seekers living in the Swan Hill District. It is a free service. The Refugee Health Nurse will use an interpreter (as needed) to help you with your health care needs, and will refer you to other members of our health team as needed. This is a confidential service.

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