Family & Reproductive Rights Education Program

FARREP provides services for women from places where female circumcision is practised. The intent of the service is to make it easier for women to get appropriate health information and care.
Women can refer themselves to the FARREP program. FARREP services are usually available immediately and women can usually be seen on day of referral.

Maternal and Child Health Service

Victorian Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Services work in partnership with families to care for babies and young children until they start school.

Royal Women’s Hospital and Monash Health

Asylum seekers and refugees are entitled to subsidised medical care except for a small co-payment for outpatient medications and medications on discharge. Patients will need to provide supporting documentation confirming migration status from the government or from a recognised asylum support agency such as Red Cross or IHMS before their first appointment. If the documentation is not produced, patients will be billed, however, the fees will be waived if the documents are shown to the hospital at a later date.

Family Planning Victoria

Here you will find a list of factsheets and video animations translated into languages other than English. These resources were produced in partnership with the Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health.

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