Saving FACE – Sector Guide

This guide arose from the Saving FACE project and provides organisations and practitioners who engage, or seek to engage, with Muslims in the Domestic, Family and Sexual Violence (DFSV) sector with:

  • A roadmap for effectively engaging with faith communities
  • A set of principles, drawn from mainstream Islamic theology, that can be used to address DFSV.
  • An understanding of how the Islamic principles compare and, in certain matters, constrast with the mainstream view.

On the International Day of Peace, 21st September 2023, a significant event unfolded as Muslim Women Australia (MWA), in collaboration with various government, community, and sector partners, launched the Saving FACE Sector Guide. This guide is a groundbreaking resource aimed at enhancing the capacity of the domestic and family violence sector in Australia to provide culturally, linguistically, and religiously appropriate care. 

This guide hopes to provide a useful tool for those practitioners who do not have ready access to this expertise and will service to provide a basic level of understadning of the principles and dyanmics present when dealing with Muslims and the Muslim community.

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