Specialised and Intensive Services (SIS)

Specialised and Intensive Services (SIS) is a component of the Humanitarian Settlement Program (HSP) available to humanitarian entrants and other eligible visa holders who have complex needs.

SIS offer clients short term needs-based support to help them access appropriate mainstream services and develop the necessary skills to manage their needs independently.

Refugee Health Program

The Refugee Health Program (formerly the Refugee Health Nurse Program) operates in 15 local government areas of Victoria.

Priority Primary Care Centres (PPCC)

Priority Primary Care Centres (PPCCs) provide GP-led care to people who need urgent care, but not an emergency response. Each PPCC is partnered with a busy emergency department. Care is available to anyone with or without a Medicare card, at no cost to the patient. (Costs may be required for imaging, pathology and other services.)

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC)

The ASRC Health Centre has been offering health services to people seeking asylum in Victoria since 2002 and is the largest facility of its kind in Australia. It provides a range of primary health services for people seeking asylum living in the community and prioritises people seeking asylum without access to Medicare. It plays an important role in upholding health as a human right.

Australian College of Optometry (ACO)

Australian College of Optometry (ACO)also provide an extensive outreach program for people who have difficulty accessing traditional eye care services including people who are experiencing homelessness, refugees and asylum seekers, and people in supported residential services.

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