Heather McMinn

Heather McMinn works with National Disability Services focusing on disability and health engaging with government, disability and advocacy organisations and key stakeholders to address inequitable access to services for people with a disability.

Her expertise spans community, women’s and acute health services working with refugee and asylum seekers, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities, people with a disability, mental health condition and chronic health needs. Her expertise is informed by a master’s in public health and lived experience supporting a brother with an intellectual disability and son’s cystic fibrosis journey.

The Victorian Refugee Health Network reiterates it’s auspicing agency’s acknowledgement of country:

The primary locations of the Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture Inc., Brunswick, Dallas, Dandenong, Sunshine, and our outpost location in Ringwood, are on the traditional lands of the Kulin nation.  In keeping with Foundation House’s aspiration to heal individuals and communities we recognise the loss of land, children, language, lore and spiritual and physical wellbeing of the people of the Kulin nation and other Indigenous Victorians due to the impact of colonisation.

We believe that acknowledging the past and its impact on the present is vital in building strong Victorian communities. We recognise the survival and enduring strengths of Victorian Indigenous culture in spite of such dispossession and aim to build respectful and informed relationships with the Victorian Indigenous community based on the acknowledgment of their unique position as the traditional owners of Victoria. As such, Foundation House is committed to the acknowledgment and participation of Indigenous Victorians within Foundation House events and this is reflected in our official protocols.

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