Mental deterioration of refugees and asylum seekers with uncertain legal status in Australia: Perceptions and responses of legal representatives

In 2014 Australia introduced a ‘fast track assessment’ (FTA) system of processing refugee claims for asylum seekers who arrived by boat, those found to be refugees were only eligible for temporary residence. Legal professionals play a pivotal role in protecting the rights of asylum seekers and gain unique insight into the impact of the legal system has on clients mental health.

Healthwest- Responding to refugee and asylum seeker mental health

In 2016 HealthWest received a small grant to enhance the work of the public mental health service system in the western metropolitan area of Melbourne in responding to refugees and asylum seekers who have a mental illness, or who are at risk of experiencing an episode of acute mental illness.

Utopia Refugee and Asylum Seeker Health

Bulk-billed medical services are provided to refugees and asylum seekers by GPs who are experienced in refugee health, refugee health nurses, social and emotional well-being. This service is located in Hoppers Crossing.

Preston-YOUR Community Health (PANCH)

We have a specialist medical clinic for newly arrived Refugees and Asylum Seekers that offers long appointments and assistance in understanding and navigating the healthcare and social support system in Australia.

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