New videos from the Diverse Communities Mental Health and Wellbeing Project

The Diverse Communities Mental Health and Wellbeing Project have produced two new videos in Arabic and Dari.

Two new video campaigns have been launched to encourage open discussion about mental health and seeking support, as well as informing community members about the current mental health reforms in Victoria. 

These videos were produced by members of the Community Advisory Groups who participated in the Diverse Communities Mental Health and Wellbeing Project, a joint undertaking by the Victorian Refugee Health Network and Foundation House. The project aimed to facilitate engagement of refugee background communities and the service sector in Victoria’s mental health reforms. 

These videos were produced in response to a key issue the Advisory Group members identified – that accessing mental health support by members of their community is contingent on having a good understanding of the importance of mental health, and the benefits of seeking support from services.  

Members of the two Community Advisory Groups underwent a series of workshops on storytelling with impact, filming using mobile phone camera, and post-production workflow considerations. They identified key messages, developed the scripts for the films, and got together as a ‘film crew’ to record the videos. The project team assembled the clips and facilitated the final cut, in consultation with the advisory groups.  

Hope and Life is a production by members of the Communities from Afghanistan Advisory Group and is in Dari language with English subtitles. 

Healthy Mind, Healthy Family, Healthy Community is in Arabic (with English subtitles) and produced by members of the Syrian and Iraqi Community Advisory Group.  

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